Franziska Jurczok

Franziska Jurczok
Senior Research & Consulting

Franziska Jurczok is our number 1 in mobility and regional studies. It makes sense: not only is she a well-versed empiricist but also a passionate long-distance cyclist. In the Berlin office, she is also highly appreciated as a florist thanks to her two green thumbs.

Franziska Jurczok studied empirical political and social research at the University of Stuttgart. She joined SINUS as an intern in 2015 and, due to her talent, virtually created her own position after a traineeship with us. Since 2017, she has been a research amanger at the Berlin office. Her research interests are in the fields of mobility, youth and socialization research.

In her free time Franzi is often to be found on her bike or on the yoga mat. She actually leads our yoga class in the Berlin office. Namaste!


Franziska Jurczok – Senior Research & Consulting

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