Sexuality and migration: milieu-specific paths for accessing sexuality education for young people

Sexualität und Migration: milieuspezifische Zugangswege für die Sexualaufklärung Jugendlicher

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around one third of young people in Germany in 2010 had a migration background. How does a sensitive topic such as sexuality education find access to these girls and boys? Do the current BZgA (Federal Center for Health Education) strategies for sexuality education also meet with approval in this target group, or do young people with a migration background have a distanced attitude toward the topic or the media and materials? Are there specific information channels? Can language preferences be identified? 

To this end, the BZgA commissioned SINUS-Institut to first explore the specific life situations and attitudes of young migrants, and locate them in the Sinus-Migrant-Milieus model, and then survey their attitudes and needs, and their information interests and media preferences in connection with sexuality, love and partnership. The study thus provides valuable information for optimizing access routes to this target group.


The authors:

Overview SINUS studies


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