Letter or E-mail?

Brief oder E-Mail?

From the perspective of people in Germany,  the “Letter or e-mail?” study focuses on the importance of analog and digital channels for communicating with lawyers, public authorities, doctors, tax advisors, etc. in an increasingly digitized world, i.e., how private-to-business communication is structured in everyday life. The aim of the 2017 study was to

  • capture people’s awareness of security issues in private-to-business communications in Germany,
  • Identify criteria for reliable (online) communication, and
  • Develop approaches for measures that could make private-to-business communications more secure and reliable.

The study thus makes a contribution not only to describing the status quo at the time and the digital change processes experienced in the private-to-business communications sector, but also to identifying starting points for maximizing opportunities in this context and enabling people to counter possible risks with confidence.


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