#meinfernsehen2021 (#mytv2021) - The perspective of young people

For years, the discussion about the future of public television has been conducted with great commitment, but mostly by experts and stakeholders from politics and the media. With the project #meinfernsehen2021, this "discussion round" was to be expanded to include the perspective of citizens. A participant survey on the #meinfernsehen platform in March 2021 gave first indications that the discussion did not reach a cross-section of the population.

In order to also capture the perspective of the younger generation, SINUS-Institut was commissioned in spring 2021 to conduct three online focus groups with young people between the ages of 14 and 17. The questions discussed were based on the topics, ideas and suggestions from the three rounds of participation in #meinfernsehen2021: What does "classic" television mean to the younger generation? What does the young generation want television to be like in the future? How must public television position itself in the future so that it continues to reach (young) viewers in the future?

About the anthology: What should the future of public television look like? A question that is usually discussed by experts and stakeholders of the media system was extended to interested citizens within the framework of the online participation platform #meinfernsehen2021. This publication presents the procedure, the contents as well as the results of the participation project and also negotiates the status quo of public service broadcasting, prescribes it in the general discourse and ventures a look into the (possible) future.

* Free Open Access publication by Nomos


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