DIVSI U25 Study 2014

DIVSI U25-Studie (2014)

On many topics, a number of firmly held opinions persist in the public consciousness. Generalities are hardly ever checked for their truth content and yet can at some point be taken for fact through constant repetition. Those who are often judged superficially as a result don’t always receive fair recognition for their behavior. This fate has also befallen children, adolescents and young adults in the evaluation of their use of the internet. Until now, there has been no scientifically based study that specifically, precisely and neutrally explores the behavior of 9- to 24-year-olds in the digital world.

The U25 study conducted on behalf of the German Institute for Trust and Security (DIVSI) for the first time provides well-founded answers to questions concerning the behavior of the upcoming generation with regard to the internet. And it does so comprehensively. Not only does the study examine forms of use but also logic of thought and action, and underlying lifeworlds.


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