Target groups with a future, and what they think of retail trends

Stationary retail is facing major challenges. In view of extensive digital transformation processes, the specter of a possible end to stationary retail has been frequently raised. However, more optimistic visions have long been established, which see the future shopping scenario primarily in terms of a multi-channel retail system in which online and offline channels provide a dense network of different services, contributing to a more attractive shopping experience overall. Digital innovations also create scope for stationary retail by enabling the purchase process to be carried out entirely online and transforming the original point of sale into a point of experience. Retailers no longer necessarily have to stock every product in every variation, but can focus on customer- and brand loyalty. 

In all these considerations and ideas about the 360-degree shopping experience, however, one perspective is usually left out: that of the consumers. What do they think of the retail trends being discussed among experts, such as hypercustomized shopping, bagless shopping, or digital dressing rooms. And which of their needs are being met – or not? 

Against the background of the SINUS-Milieus social model, the article shows the perspective of the target groups and argues that retailers need not be afraid of new trends. 


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