DIVSI over-60s study

DIVSI Ü60-Studie

The ancient Chinese knew it long before anyone even dreamed of terms such as digitalization or the World Wide Web. They summed up their insight in these words: “It's not how old you are, but how you are old that counts.”

How true. DIVSI, the German Institute for Trust and Security on the internet, is now in a position to back up this age-old Far Eastern adage. The Over-60s Study, the results and insights of which we present to the public here, clearly shows that the internet is becoming increasingly important among older people as well. DIVSI conducted the study together with SINUS-Institut.

The DIVSI U60 study provides an array of facts that open up new angles on the Chinese adage, giving us starting points from which to promote better participation in social life for the older generation  in the digital era.


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