The SINUS-Milieus® 3.0 – background and facts of the current Sinus-Milieu model

Die Sinus-Milieus® 3.0 – Hintergründe und Fakten zum aktuellen Sinus-Milieu-Modell

Successful product planning and communication require a comprehensive and at the same time differentiated approach to the consumer/citizen and make it necessary to classify target groups more precisely, beyond the conventional socio-demographic characteristics. Sinus-Milieu segmentation provides a practical planning tool for this purpose that does justice to people's value orientations and lifestyles, and how they change. SINUS-Milieus group together people who are similar in their outlook on life and lifestyles. Basic value orientations are included in the analysis, as are everyday attitudes toward work, family, leisure, money and consumption. In other words, they take a holistic look at people and their entire system of reference in the world they live in. And they therefore provide marketing with more vivid information and better decision-making aids than conventional target group approaches.

The article from 2013 appeared in the anthology “Zielgruppen im Konsumentenmarketing” (Target Groups in Consumer Marketing).


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