Bloemenbüro Holland

Case Study:
Bloemenbureau Holland

Linking existing target group models with the Sinus-Meta-Milieus in 8 countries


  • Lifeworld-based enhancement of an existing customised target group typology by crossing it with the value-based approach of the Sinus-Meta-Milieus
  • Optimisation of the customer approach (e.g. website) based on the type profiles



  • Target group handbook with practical recommendations for action around target group-specific communication and product preferences
  • Target-group-specific adaptation and optimization of the Bloemenbureau website

What the client says

In order to optimize the communication with our target group, we combined the SINUS-Meta-Milieu typology with our own typology, that we established together with SINUS for 8 countries. It helps us to understand the needs and attitudes of our clients so much better.
Monique Kempermann, Marketing Manager Bloemenbureau Holland


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