Image-Clip für den DIHK

Case Study:
Image clips for DIHK

Creation of image clips to increase awareness of further education offerings


  • Modernisation of the previous DIHK visual language for the IHK image clips
  • Authentic and vivid videographic presentation of DIHK further education graduates
  • Maximising the reach of IHK further education


  • Recruitment and casting of “real” DIHK further education graduates from various Sinus-Milieus
  • Mapping the Sinus-Milieu lifeworlds by filming in milieu-typical locations


  • Increase in click numbers compared to the older image clips
  • PR campaign to increase awareness of DIHK further education in social media (DIHK website, Youtube, Facebook)

What the client says

Meanwhile 18,000 clicks on Youtube! Viewers can identify with the graduates because we show different lifestyles and real DIHK graduates in the clips. This makes a credible and likeable imptresssion.
Tanja Mammen, Head of the IHK department “Continuing Education”
Tanja Mammen


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