Provadis GmbH

Case Study:
Provadis GmbH

Optimized marketing for a university and its training programs in order to reach its target groups


  • Identification of suitable, well-qualified applicant groups for Provadis, one of the leading providers of educational services in Hesse
  • Enhanced and optimized marketing for the Provadis Group university and its training programs in order to reach its target groups


  • Identification of core and potential target groups by means of a quantitative survey of Provadis trainees and students, and a location analysis using the Sinus-Milieus in Microgeography


  • Development of a target group manual to align the communication measures with the target groups identified

What the client says

Our expectations of the cooperation with SINUS were met in full. Together with the SINUS team of consultants, we were able to find answers to the marketing questions important to us, and on this basis we will make further strategic decisions. The target group expertise of SINUS and the empirically validated Sinus-Milieu model have helped us to further develop our view of the target groups and our applicant marketing.
Dr. Karsten Rudolf, Head of Marketing / Education and Research Projects Provadis
Karsten Rudolf


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