Heike Kuchheuser

Heike Kuchheuser
Finances & HR

There’s only one Heike Kuchheuser, that’s for sure! As the person in charge of controlling and HR, she is highly regarded for her keen instinct and feel for numbers. She has been a member of the SINUS management team for many years and it’s hard to imagine our institute without her.

Heike Kuchheuser has worked for SINUS-Institut since the turn of the millennium. She first started with us as an assistant in the Marketing Research department, where she focused on project organization and budgeting. Since 2009, she has been head of Finance, Controlling and HR.

After completing her commercial training, Heike Kuchheuser studied law at the University of Heidelberg. Before joining SINUS, she was a branch manager in jewelry and fashion retail.

In her free time, she enjoys sports and sensuous activities such as driving her convertible through the Odenwald region, playing golf, walking, and working out. But she also loves good food, the opera and ballet, and cultural trips with her girlfriends. Fun fact: she was addicted to “Sex and the City” for a while.

Heike Kuchheuser – Finances & HR

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