Isabella Tautscher

Isabella Tautscher
Research & Consulting

Isabella Tautscher is our expert for international study management. As a globetrotter with professional experience in Europe, South America and Africa and correspondingly high intercultural competencies, she is predestined for this.

Isabella Tautscher studied Economics and Social Sciences in her Bachelor's degree and International Management in her Master's degree with a strong focus on marketing and strategy. During her studies, she completed various marketing internships (mainly in the FMCG sector) in Austria, Spain and Brazil. Her first job was in Morocco from 2018 to 2021 at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where she first took over public relations and then managed the "Business Desk" in cooperation with GIZ. There she not only organized international projects, studies and events, but also learned Arabic and founded the foodie community "Casa Gourmande".

Since August 2022, Isabella Tautscher, a passionate surfer, has been research manager at our Berlin location, where she exudes the good aloha vibes. Her work focuses on international project work (including Horizon Europe), where she mainly manages studies in the field of migration, culture and consumer research. In her free time, the native Austrian explores Berlin's gastronomy scene, learns languages and travels the Atlantic swells with her surfboard under her arm.

Isabella Tautscher – Research & Consulting

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