Norbert Schäuble

Norbert Schäuble

With almost 40 years of industry experience, Norbert Schäuble is our go-to person for complex methodological and market strategy challenges. At SINUS, he is highly appreciated for the fact that you can tap him anytime, anywhere – even if he happens to be riding his motorcycle in the Himalayas or Lesotho. His particular strength is his analytical and strategic thinking. His memory is as legendary as his electronic archive.

He has worked for SINUS since the early 1980s, focusing on data analysis, trend and milieu research. In 1985, Norbert Schäuble took over the Methods and EDP department at SINUS. In 1990, he went into business for himself with the consulting agency "Strategic Research" but has continued to cooperate closely with SINUS ever since. Norbert Schäuble has been a partner of the institute since 1995.

His work focuses on: strategic consulting; (international) lifeworld, trend and milieu research; development and implementation of strategic target group models; method development; and consulting (multivariate analyses, screening procedures). Norbert Schäuble is co-developer of the Sinus-Milieus and the Sinus-Meta Milieus.

In his free time, he likes to be mobile, play in the district tennis league and travel "off the beaten path" across the globe on his motorcycle.

Book Publications


  • Heus, Ludwig Theodor / Paqué, Karl-Heinz / Leutheusser – Schnarrenberger, Sabine / Hilgers, Sven / Volkmann, Thomas / Schäuble, Norbert / Stockmann, Frauke / Weßels, Bernhard / Link, Michael (2022): Subjektive Freiheit. Persönliche Erwartung und Wahrnehmung – Eine Studie. Potsdam-Babelsberg: Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit. Online:!/Publikation/1221
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