Sandra Cerny

Sandra Cerny
Associate Director Research & Consulting

Sandra Cerny is part of the SINUS management team and our expert for the Austrian and Swiss market. She analyzes with Swiss precision, organizes with German thoroughness and speaks with a Viennese dialect.

Sandra Cerny studied business administration in Vienna, with a focus on advertising science and market research. She graduated with a thesis on factors influencing customer satisfaction.

Since 1992, Sandra Cerny has been working for our Austrian sister institute INTEGRAL. She started there as an interviewer and went on to head the field department before becoming a research manager in 2005. Since 2009, she has been cooperating closely with SINUS-Institut. In the meantime, she has become our central interface for cross-institutional projects. Here, she is primarily in charge of large international market research projects.

As a "digital individualist", she is responsible for studies in the field of internet and telecommunications technologies, among other things. For many years, she helped set up the Austrian industry study AIM - Austrian Internet Monitor. As a passionate car driver, she also takes particular pleasure in overseeing image studies in the automotive sector, while other focal points are customer satisfaction and target group research. She’s in charge of public relations at both INTEGRAL and SINUS, Sandra is a member of the management team, the business development team, the intranet team and the trend team at SINUS and INTEGRAL.

She explores current trends such as regionality not only professionally but also privately. In addition to conscious shopping, this includes above all the most direct form of regionality: home-grown vegetables on her lush terrace. She keeps up to date with young people's lifestyles, as she can still sometimes be found at music festivals. But she’s also attracted to classical art, preferably in unusual settings and in the open air.

Articles and brochures

  • Cerny, Sandra / Muffler, Roger (2021): Und Tschüss. Warum sich DACH-Länderversionen bei zielgruppenspezifischer Ansprache lohnen. In: ONE to ONE New Marketing Management. München: Hightext Verlag. Online:

Sandra Cerny – Associate Director Research & Consulting

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