Wiebke Jessen

Wiebke Jessen
Speaker SINUS-Akademie

Wiebke Jessen is a freelance market researcher specializing in qualitative research. With a degree in business administration, she has been working with the Sinus-Milieus for over 25 years. As an experienced researcher and consultant, she supports companies in business and science, public institutions, and associations. She operates in the fields of media, politics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, tourism, and luxury and consumer goods. Her work focuses on the Sinus-Milieus, social and target group research, communication, and television research, plus the SINUS Youth Studies (covering career orientation, recruitment of young professionals, school, sports, engagement and digitalization).

After training as a hotel manageress on the island of Sylt, studying business administration, working at our institute in Heidelberg for 13 years and various professional stops abroad, she set up her own business as a market researcher 12 years ago. Since then, she has been working for SINUS on a freelance basis. In addition, she is an instructor at the SINUS-Akademie, and also leads our certification programs. She has also been a lecturer for market and communication research for many years.


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