Child-sensitive Repatriation

Child-sensitive return

Refugee and migrant children have a right to special protection and assistance. However, not all of the girls and boys who seek refuge in Europe have the right to stay but must return to their home country or a third country. The report “Child-sensitive Repatriation” shows that in Germany, too, the best interests of children are not yet being fully taken into account or prioritized when making decisions in the individual processes.

The study is part of a cross-national research project by UNICEF on child well-being in processes of asylum, return and reintegration in Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. The findings for Germany are based on analysis of the legal situation, evaluation of available data and studies on the topic, and 18 expert interviews. The interviews were conducted in March and April 2019 by UNICEF Germany and SINUS.

The following downloads are available from UNICEF:

  • Summary of the study results in Germany
  • Complete report on the situation in Germany (in English)
  • Summary of study results in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (in English)


The author:

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