Deutscher Caritasverband

Case Study:
Deutscher Caritasverband

Target group segmentation for the “youngcaritas” project


  • Identifying and defining the target groups for the “youngcaritas” project, which aims to attract young people to the issues and commitment of Caritas.


  • Together with the Association’s own experts, we assessed people’s affinity with the goals and the forms of engagement of Caritas on the basis of the SINUS U18 Lifeworlds, and from this cornerstones for the possible target groups are derived.


  • “youngcaritas” has positioned itself clearly with regard to the target groups.
  • The newly acquired knowledge of formal education, normative basic orientation, esthetic and media preferences can be used in concept development and addressing target groups.

What the client says

The clear rework using the Sinus life worlds enabled us to precisely position youngcaritas. We thus have criteria for developing the Caritas youth brand and can  revisit and adapt them at a later date if necessary.
Alexander Schmidt, Head of Division, Association Development and Organisation
Alexander Scchmidt


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