DRF Luftrettung

Case Study:
DRF Luftrettung
(German Air Rescue)

Acquiring new supporters or increasing donation income


  • DRF Luftrettung is active at around 30 locations in Germany, but only a few people know about it and what it does
  • Systematically increase awareness and generate involvement


  • Identifying core target groups through milieu segmentation of own stock of supporter and donor addresses
  • Aligning communication measures with these target groups (especially mailing of own newspaper)


  • Empirical image monitoring showed that DRF Luftrettung was able to increase awareness by 10 percentage points after the communication measure

What the client says

Our campaign based on Sinus-Milieus has led to a demonstrable increase in our prominence in the fundraising market and beyond.
Theresia Kneschke, Head of the DRF Luftrettung Support Association
Theresia Kneschke


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