Manfred Tautscher

Manfred Tautscher
Managing Director

Manfred Tautscher is our boss but not bossy. He has known the market and social research industry inside out for over 30 years, always in the role of a self-made man, innovator and boundary-pusher (in the positive sense). He has been with SINUS since 2009 and has never missed a team meeting.

Manfred Tautscher began his professional career in 1987 with the founding of the Austrian market research institute INTEGRAL. There, he did pioneering methodological work by driving the development and introduction of the innovative survey system BLIP (Barcode Lightweight Interview Package), which made INTEGRAL one of the first institutes in Europe able to conduct both CATI and CAPI surveys nationwide. At a time, when people were still “googling” via Altavista, he was already intensively involved in internet research: As early as 1996, he introduced AIM (Austrian Internet Monitor), which to this day provides a representative overview of the use and development of the internet and other new communication technologies.

From 2003 to the beginning of 2009, Manfred Tautscher was Managing Director of Millward Brown Germany, with responsibility for the D-A-CH region. He then turned his back on corporate work and shaped SINUS into a leading boutique institute.

His specialties are international customer segmentation, customer satisfaction, branding, brand values and communication and digital research.

In his free time, he likes to swim quiet laps in the pool in the morning and swing his golf club on weekends. In the evening, he likes to take a bottle of wine from his collection, for which he has many admirers and enviers within the Institute, to share with friends or colleagues.

Manfred Tautscher – Managing Director

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