vhw Migrant Milieu Survey (2018). People with a migrant background in Germany

vhw-Migrantenmilieu-Survey 2018. Menschen mit Zuwanderungsgeschichte in Deutschland

For the second time since 2008, SINUS-Institut conducted a representative survey of the migrant population in Germany. Building on a qualitative ethnographic lead study (2016), a total of 2,053 people with a migration background (definition according to the Federal Statistical Office) were surveyed in summer 2017. The base population is the migrant population aged 15 and over with clarified residence status.

This quantitative-empirical study aimed to identify and quantify the current views, sensitivities and needs of the migrant segment of the population in wide-ranging areas of life. The variety of topics covered by the study ranged from: identity & belonging; evaluation and practical organization of social coexistence; development of discrimination and equal treatment; participation and commitment; and concrete needs, for example in housing or for the use and regulation of public space.

In order to enable cross-sectional and longitudinal comparisons with the first Migrant Milieu Study in 2008 or with the milieu-based survey of the population as a whole, identical questions and statements were used in some cases. The study presented here was intended as an enhanced – and thematically focused – contribution to the presentation and classification of important findings in the national and international state of research on questions of integration and attitudes of immigrants.

Info Package Sinus Migrantenmilieus in Deutschland (Sinus Migrant Milieus in Germany)

Our information package ”Sinus Migrantenmilieus in Deutschland” (Sinus Migrant Milieus in Germany) contains basic information (in words and pictures) on the individual social groups. For each of the 10 migrant milieus, for example, survey results are presented on identity & belonging, attitudes toward integration or experiences of discrimination, and sociodemographic profiles. The findings are backed up by collages on living environments and lifestyles provide a pictorial impression of each milieu.


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