Save the Children

Case Study:
Save the Children

Development of a standardised quality framework for refugee shelters


Qualitative interviews with a hard-to-reach target group – refugees and their children:

  • 6 different cultures and languages
  • Partially traumatised families
  • Exploring the lifeworlds of children


  • The ethnographic approach of participant observation
  • Application of special creative methods developed by SINUS-Institut (e.g. Photovoicing, Game of Life)
  • Recruiting and training suitable interviewers capable of cultural and linguistic mediation.


  • Needs assessment of refugee families and children
  • Development of an instrument to ensure quality standards in refugee accommodation 

What the client says

Gaining access to refugees and securing their trust was a real challenge. SINUS-Institut proved to be a real lifeworld expert and conducted 70 ethnographic in-depth interviews in six refugee shelters in six different languages with a lot of empathy and innovative methods.
Desiree Weber, German Programme Officer Save the Children


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