SINUS, Heidelberg and INTEGRAL, Wien
united in the future.

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To understand what makes people tick: by employing ethnological curiosity, empathy, respect, scientific reliability – and last but not least more than 30 years of experience and tradition.

For more than three decades, the Sinus Institute has been concerned with the everyday lives of people, socio-cultural change, the condition of society, and the application of Sinus research in connection with trends, target groups, and brands.

Being an expert in psychological and socio-scientific research and consulting, Sinus develops strategies for companies and organizations in the
field of consumption, ecology, culture, and politics with particular focus on:

  • Value change
  • Everyday-life worlds (Sinus-Milieus®)
  • Everyday-life esthetics
  • Socio-cultural currents, trends, and futures scenarios

Many companies and non-profit organizations work with the research and consulting tools of Sinus – e.g. with the Sinus-Milieus® – because these tools help understand socio-cultural change, the structure of society, and
the psychology of citizens and consumers.